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Laser Marking Services, Metal Machining and More

Edge Rounder (Fladder)

Need to take the sharp edge off a part? The Fladder AUT is a de-burring machine configured with multi-directional abrasive drums to give a perfectly rounded edge with an edge radius of .005″ – .015″. Parts can be edge rounded up to 36″ wide.

Laser Marking Services

If you are looking for laser marking services on aluminum, brass, copper, stainless or other metals, we can help. Whether it is an identification plate with your logo or serial numbers and barcodes on your part, we have the tools to do the job.

  • Identification Plates with logos & text
  • Metal Labels including self-adhesive
  • Aluminum, Coated Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel & other metals
  • Direct Part Marking
  • Serial #’s & Bar Codes
  • Anodized, Powder-Coated, etc.

Part Scanner

The Virtek LaserQC machine has the ability to scan parts using a laser to take the measurements off a part. This makes complex parts with no drawings easy to convert to CAD/CAM drawings.

Machining Center

After your parts are prepared via our laser cutting services or water jet cutting services, we offer secondary machining operations: tapping, countersinks, etc.


(Description to come soon!)

Knife Cutting

  • 67″ maximum width & unlimited length
  • Designed for soft sheet / roll goods:
    • Vinyl, fabric, thin rubber, thin plastic, etc.


Our truck is available to deliver your parts if requested.

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Looking For Custom Cut Metal, Plastic, or Foam Parts for Your Project?

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